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Some More “Go To” Cookbooks

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

In an earlier post I provided three nifty books to tap into to help feed your Pan Asian cooking addiction, and thought I’d add a few more to keep the nourishment going.

  • Pan-Asian Express: Quick Fixes for Asian-Food Fans (Barbara Witt) is for anyone who loves Asian food, whether it’s Chinese, Thai, Indian, or Vietnamese this great book helps users to “grasp the generalities of Asian cooking” in a no-nonsense manner. There are over 100 recipes to peruse and the author showcases Read “Some More “Go To” Cookbooks”

Worth the Read: Three Great Cookbooks

Monday, October 18th, 2010

There are a ton of resources out there for you to tap into your pan-asian cooking quest. Following are three cookbooks that I consider my “go to” resources when I get the urge to cook something steamy, fragrant, and delicious.

  • The Complete Asian Cookbook (Charmaine Solomon) is considered by many to be the “perfect introduction to Asian food since the author tested every recipe (over 80-0 of them) before including them in her book to make sure that every step was easy to understand. Recipes that are included come from Read “Worth the Read: Three Great Cookbooks”

The Asian Grocery Store: A Whole New World

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

If you consider yourself a “foodie” it’s a good chance you’ve run across a recipe or two with some ingredients that you’ve either never cooked with before; or worse, never even heard of. This happened to me recently when I happened upon a recipe for Japanese mayonnaise. Hmmm, I wondered, how is this any different from American mayonnaise? I was soon to find out the answer to that question plus a whole lot more as I ventured to my local Asian food market.Once inside I was like a kid in a candy store noticing sights, smells, and colors I had not seen before. The produce alone was Read “The Asian Grocery Store: A Whole New World”