Traditions of Asian Cuisine and Cooking

May 1st, 2011
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One tradition of Asian food that is often overlooked in American styled cooking is the use of hot peppers. Traditional Asian food incorporates hot peppers and other local vegetables into most of their common dishes.

Asian peppers range in size, texture and taste. Many peppers are of the chili-flavored variety and provide a very zesty flavor to the dishes. Some places, such as Thailand, use dried hot peppers in their dishes. These dishes will also include ingredients such as coconut milk to balance the spice that the peppers add to the dish.

Unlike many Asian buffets that are filled with meat dishes, traditional Asian food is often vegetable based and include a type of seafood. Cabbage is a widely used vegetable, followed by sea vegetables like kelp. Mushrooms are also used in many Asian dishes because of their abundance and variety.

Curry is one of the most used spices in true Asian food. Curry can be either mild or spicy and the preference of which to use is up to the individual cook. The curry will lend a yellowish hue to the foods, but the taste is fabulous. Curried chicken or shrimp are considered a real delicacy in Asian countries.

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